Great importance is placed on the professional development of our teachers. Through our learning organization philosophy we encourage our teachers to prosper in an environment of fairness and balance.

  • A fully paid induction week is held for all new teachers at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Training sessions have been held by trainers such as Mario Rinvolucri and Simon Marshall from Pilgrims, Adrian Underhill, Naomi Moir from OUP, etc.
  • Regular training sessions, observations (with written feedback) and twice-yearly appraisals encourage your growth as a teacher.
  • Idea sharing with other members of the teaching staff, where there is a good mix of knowledge and experience that can contribute to your personal growth as a teacher.
  • Bi-monthly INSETT sessions


  • Participation in school social activities. Chance to partake, get creative and have some fun with your students and peers.
  • Support for Italian paperwork and finding housing
  • Italian classes during the school year
  • Accompaniment for external classes
  • Teaching supplies and course books provided