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Nestled between the mountains and the sea with a spectacular view, Reggio Calabria offers visitors the perfect mix of culture, gastronomy, and stunning views. A medium sized town right on the toe of Italy, opposite Sicily and off the beaten tourist trail, it’s surrounded by breathtaking beaches, mountains as far as the sky can see, historical landmarks and culinary experiences that are the city’s best known secret.

Reggio Calabria’s “lungomare”, which in Italian means, seafront, is often referred to as Italy’s most beautiful kilometer. Overlooking Sicily, you feel like you can almost reach out and caress the snowy top of Mount Etna.

Sicily is easily accessed by ferry in less than an hour and short flights take you directly to the Aeolian Islands. Reggio Calabria has it’s own airport and can also be easily reached by train or by car.


  • The amazing sunsets
  • How cheap yet amazingly high quality and fresh the food is
  • Warmth and friendliness of the people
  • The great weather
  • Affordable cost of living
  • You can still find places that feel undiscovered
  • We are graced with Etna's presence every day and it's a real privilege
  • Quaint and traditional fishing villages a short train ride away
  • Sicily reachable easily and affordably by ferry
  • Ice cream!


A look at what life is like for our teachers working and living in Reggio Calabria and discovering all the beauty and hospitality that the south of Italy has to offer.

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Exploring around Calabria!


Take a look for yourself at all the beauty, culture and heritage that Calabria has to offer: